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Packages & Prices



Packages & Prices




Crafting a successful campaign begins long before the press release reaches the media. As part of my spokesperson packages I work with companies from the early brainstorming stages, all the way through to the radio day and beyond. To date I have been involved in over 40 food brand campaigns and over 20 of these included radio days. Based on my experience I have created the Food Psychologist For Food Brands Spokesperson Packages.

These exclusive packages include all the key elements essential for your company to get the most from an expert led research campaign. Below you will find a detailed breakdown of what is included along with starting costs.

Please note that all campaigns are unique and cost can vary depending on the level of my involvement in the early research and write up phase. I am happy to provide you with a bespoke quote based on your specific requirements however, this should give you guidance on what options you have a available and the typical costings for the work.


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Dr Christy Fergusson’s knowledge is so vast as a food psychologist, she has a vibrant personality and character that comes through vividly as a spokesperson. When people mention their favourite sweet snack or unhealthy meal, her perception of food and expertise in staying healthy always shines through as an immediate alternative
— Radio Relations

What's Included



What's Included



Detailed Rundown Of What's Included

Here is a rundown of my spokesperson packages. I appreciate that all campaigns are different. However, the following gives you a rundown of what is typically included. The full scope of work will be discussed as part of the application process.  For a detailed breakdown of how I could help with your client's upcoming campaign, please apply now.

1. Campaign Story Brainstorm

  •     The success of your client's campaign is determined long before the press release is drafted. It begins with developing an awesome media worthy campaign story. To kick off the campaign the right way I work with you and your team to refine and develop the idea behind your client's campaign story.  Most PR teams I work with already have a concept in mind but want to know how viable it would be. I can help you develop the key campaign messages based on my expertise and experience.  
  •     I provide valuable insights into previous research in the food psychology field and talk you through the best media worthy angles. This is such an essential part of the process because the success of your campaign can hinge on these initial ideas and decisions.  I can help fine tune and develop your team's ideas so you get the most impact for your client.   
  •     At this stage, I am also happy to advise on the best way to support your key campaign messages. There are a variety of research methods which you can use to develop your story. You could conduct a review of the past research, commission your consumer survey or commission a bespoke behaviour research study.  The type of research you select will determine the final cost of this package.

2. Research Development

  •     Once we have developed the concept behind the campaign story, I work with you and your team to develop the research.  My involvement will vary depending on the type of research you want to commission.
  •     We will decide on the scope of the literature research and the key questions I will be investigating when I review past psychological literature. If you also decide to commission a consumer survey I can help your team to develop the survey questions.
  •     For a bespoke behaviour study, I will research, develop and write up an in-depth research proposal which will give you a detailed methodology for the research.

3. Conducting Research

  •     Once the research has been designed it would then be carried out. If you have decided to commission an independent consumer survey, this would be carried out by a company such as One Poll.
  •     Alongside this, I would also conduct a literature review of the psychological research to complement the survey findings. This will help develop the psychological angle of the research and strengthen the credibility of your story.  This is particularly important for developing talking points if you are also running a radio day as part of the campaign. If you have commissioned a bespoke behaviour research study, this would then be conducted alongside a literature review of the past research.

4. Analysing The Results

  •     Once the research has been conducted, I will then analyse the results. If you commissioned a consumer survey, I would spend time going through the data and pull out the key results to support your campaign messages. I will also consider the key survey findings of past psychological research.  This provides your team with key findings for the press release and identifies the talking points for the radio day.

5. The Write Up

  •     Once the research has been analysed, I will then write up the research findings. There are a number of write-up options which you can choose from. The costing for this package will be influenced by the one you opt for.   

Brief Write-Up

  •     With this option, the findings would be written up in a short report outlining the results. This is designed to provide you with all the essential findings in a bulleted and concise format, ideal for writing your press release. The report would also provide the full references for the literature review.



Zizzi hired me to research 10 mood foods to promote their new winter menu. For this, I spent time analysing the current research on the key nutrients in food which have been shown to elevate your mood. I then wrote up my findings as a brief literature review with references. This provided their PR team with the information they needed to draft their press release.  



BRIEF SURVEY ANALYSIS EXAMPLE: Heinz What Sauce Type Are You Campaign?

Heinz also commissioned me to write a brief report for them to use as the basis of their press release and upcoming radio day. However, unlike Zizzi's they had also commissioned an independent survey investigating preferences for brown and red sauce. Alongside the review of past research in the psychology field on food preferences, I also analysed the research alongside the findings from their consumer survey. This allowed them to understand their survey research within the wider context of past psychological findings. This then provided their PR team with the information they needed to draft their press release.


Quiz Creation

  • The research can also be crafted into a fun and interesting quiz.  Below you will find an example of a quiz I have created for Knorrs Souper Personalities campaign.



SURVEY ANALYSIS & QUIZ CREATION EXAMPLE: Knorr Souper Personalities Campaign

Similar to the Heinz sauce campaign, Knorr also commissioned me to draft a brief survey analysis for their press release and upcoming radio day. They had also commissioned an independent consumer survey investigating our love of soup. Alongside analysing the findings of the survey, I also reviewed past psychological research investigating the link between flavour and personality. Using the findings, I wrote a survey analysis including references. I then created a quiz based on the findings from the research.  Their PR team used this content to create their press release and an infographic of the quiz for social media.


Short Media Friendly Article

  • The second write-up option is to have me take the research and spin it into a media-friendly article. Packed with studies, insights and expert quotes all in line with your key campaign messages; this is the perfect way to spread the word quickly.  You will find an example of this write-up option below.



Seasonal Berries are passionate about all things berries. They commissioned me to research the benefits of eating berries and craft 5 top tips for including more beautiful berries in the diet.  After conducting the research on berries, I drafted a article outlining my top 5 tips for avoiding the afternoon slump packed with ideas on how to include more berries in your daily diet. Yum.


Comprehensive Literature Review

  • The final write up option would be to commission a comprehensive literature review. This could be written in an academic tone or with a more informal style language.  The review could then be used to form the basis of your campaign story. You will find an example of a comprehensive literature review written in a media friendly tone for the "Smyles with Lyles" Campaign below.



When Lyles Golden Syrup decided to create their first ever smile-activated syrup dispenser they wanted to create a some hype. To help drum up some media interest they commissioned me to conduct a literature review on the benefits of breakfast,  smiling in the morning and how contagious a smile is. Using the review combined with a research survey and my expert quotes they drafted a press release and pitched national radio stations. They then ran a radio day where I worked as their spokesperson for the “Smyles With Lyles’ campaign.

A copy of each of these reports is available to download within the secured clients area. I created the clients area so those interested in working with me could find out more about my services, read examples of my work and find out more information about my prices. To request access to the clients area click schedule a call with me. Once we have a call set up, I will send you details of how to access the clients area.

6. Expert Quotes

  • Once your press release has been drafted I will use use the key findings from the survey research, in addition to my expert knowledge to craft quotes for the press release. These will be designed to add credibility to your story and support your key campaign messages.
  • I always aim to provide a fast turnaround on feedback and quotes.  As part of this package I will act as the campaign spokesperson. You can use my photo, The Food Psychologist trademarked brand name and my name in connection with the campaign.

Optional Extra: Host A Radio Day

7. Briefing Call With PR Team

  • The week before the radio day I will have a briefing call with your team to finalise the agenda for the radio day. During this call, we will go over your key campaign messaging and discuss the key areas of discussion.  

8. On Air

  •     On the agreed date, I will act as the expert ambassador during live and pre-recorded radio interviews. These would take place between 8.30 and 3.30. On the day, I will discuss the research findings in a friendly and conversational tone.  This would include two - three brand mentions per interview using the requested key campaign messages and include directing listeners to a specified website for more information.  
  •     Throughout the day, I work with you and your team to ensure the key campaign messages are being incorporated as you had hoped. We can tweak and refine the content as we go, to meet the demand and requirements of the different stations and presenters. I am aways open to feedback throughout the radio day.
  •     My priority is that you get great quality interviews and we wrap up the day with you and your clients feeling thrilled about the outcome. I also give social media support before, during and after the radio day tweeting out pre-agreed tweets to support the campaign.

9. Reactive Press

  •     While most of the interviews will fall within the allocated studio time, I appreciate that some interviews may be requested outwith these time.  I am happy to accommodate additional telephone interviews upon request. While I can’t guarantee availability, I always do my best to fit these in as I appreciate how important maximum coverage is for campaigns.  

10. Final Feedback & Debrief Call

  •     Following the campaign, we would have debriefing call so we can go through the campaign outcomes. This is a great opportunity to give feedback on how you felt the campaign went.

Apply Now


Apply Now



Want My Help With Your Campaign?

Due to the number of campaign requests I receive, I, unfortunately, cannot work with everyone. If you are interested in hiring me for your upcoming campaign, please schedule a campaign call with me.

Once you click the Schedule A Call With Christy button you will be able to schedule a 10 minute call with me.  This initial call is an opportunity for us to see if I am the right fit for the campaign and if I feel I can help you.

If we decide to go ahead, we can schedule a free Campaign Planning Session. This is an opportunity for your food branding client, yourself and I to plan my potential involvement in the campaign, how I could support it and outline the key campaign objectives. During this session we can also discuss costs. If we decide to work together on the campaign then I will create a campaign plan for outlining my services. This will detail costs, the agreed timeline and deliverables.



MY Clients

To date I have worked on over 40 food brand campaigns, here are some of the fantastic clients I have worked with.

Dr Christy has a very easy interview manner and was superb at building rapport with presenters. We would love to speak to Dr Christy again on other topics related to the psychology behind food
— Presenter Feedback, Ask Italian Radio Day